Now, You Want Me To Do What?!

Greetins my loves!

Again I have been away and working extremely hard on networking and promoting the “Lost In A Maze” brand. I feel awful that its taking me this long to get back in touch with all my supporters! Truly appreciate all of you.

Let’s get to it. This world is going crazy! Never seen suh much hatred and anger in the universe. Those in power are very deceitful and opportunistic. Seems good is bad and bad is good. It has me all confused! For those of yuh who are jys reading my blog. I sometimes type in my native language of patois. Please forgive if I go too fast and use both English and patois. Simply have to get this off my chest. Here is where I feel safe to let my true feelings out.

Let’s get to it. I jys want to become a huge success. By hard work and dedication to my craft. What I’m tired of is, everybody coming at me side ways wanting me to do ungodly tings jys to get ahead! That’s crazy to me how many doors are closed because my legs remain closed. Terrible! I refuse to be a “casting couch” artist! NO ma’am! NO sir! NO thanks! NO WAY! YUKE! To each his own, not here to judge those who have and are taking this route but not me. I have a bit of an ego. Plus I have spent a lot of my own money funding my project. That’s my blood, sweat, and night after night of tears shed. I want to know was offered a deal because of my creativity. Not the swaying of my hips. I hear it all the time, “you so beautiful, you should of married a rich billionaire.” Or the famous, “if I look like you I would of been  in Hollywood and famous by now!” Ridiculous. What everyone fails to realize. That’s not a guarantee of success either, and it’s exhausting. Not mention a gamble. Might as well take this path to success it maybe a little longer, a lot harder, but at least am not being mentally, emotionally, or physically abused. To maybe get an O.K. opportunity. Or an opportunity that comes with eternal strings attached. Not gonna lie, my moods change up. So I would get dropped from a deal like I did before from a huge company. “I kno yuh wan kno but mi mus nuh chat up bout.”

Been meeting some amazing connects. Going to amazing and beautiful locations. Hearing all that am wanting to hear to move my brand forward. But then someone will seh something crazy. Then I am stuck with my game face tore up asking, “you want me to do what?!” And just like that my spirit is irritated. I swear I can see the devil staring back at me. Then it’s back to my networking files to promote to what I pray is a morally conscience new connect,

For my new readers. “Lost In A Maze” is a single, video, book, and now screenplay. YAYYYY! The screenplay is finally done. Supa excited and proud to have come this far. But I have a long way to go still. Although, I am being played in over 70 countries. There are some many more that I have not been graced with their presence. Nor giving their much needed and welcomed support!

Listen I said all of that to say. We are all human. With similar woes, disappointments, sorrows, triumphs and success! Just know if no one told you today, you are worthy of love, success, respect, and honor! Be back soon!

Love yuh bunches, 

Suca, The Veiled Princess


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Respect, Positive Attitude and Good Moral Judgement in the Name of the Game


How has everyone been doing since last checked in? I hope well! Apologies for being away so long. Just want to say have been extremely busy and working hard on promoting the “Lost In A Maze” brand.  Have had lots of successes and some serious bumps in the road as well! This journey comes with so many different angles. Meeting people who swear, “dem mi tru idren”, meaning they are a trusted friend. I am finding that not to be the case at all. In this business personality and honesty will get yuh far! Now don’t get me wrong, having knowledge is very important as well, but it so much easier to get work with others who show positive workmanship. Not trying to mislead yuh, business relations and personal relationships are very different. Many don’t know how to separate the two.

Example I have been in negotiations with this company to help market and promote my brand further than the last. At first things seem to be moving in a wonderfully positive direction. Now, not so much. Am encountering some bumps ad bruises. “Tings” that were offered in the beginning are not available. The energy has shifted and people’s horns are beginning to show. I keep hearing statements like: “you need to understand” and this one is particularly scary, “we have a way of doing things”, serious read flag. What in the $%@! does that mean! Sounds like when you marry someone and they give all their best in the beginning. Once married no longer putting forth the effort of keeping the sparkle alive and romance hot. Having that, “well we married now” attitude. Have you looking at your spouse crazy and feeling set up and lied to. Feelings of betrayal and resentment take over. “Man if I knew this I would of never married you”, statements are hurled around and threats of a quick and immediate divorce. It’s like you have hustled, deceived, played for a fool. Your spouse knew just what to do to get you. Knew how to play you to get what they wanted. Not caring about what you both want.

Well that is how yuhr gurl, Suca is feeling right now. And I am pissed all the way OFF! “BUMBACLAT MAD YAH HEAR!”  “One ting mi nuh lykkie”, is when people play games and deceive me. What is so wrong with being honest and upfront from the beginning, huh? This new world of bad is good and good is bad feels so demonic. Like a straight setup from Lucifer himself! My parents taught me that being honest, trustworthy and being respectful is the best way to live. Finding out that everyone didn’t have the luxury of being raised with honest and morally conscience parents. This company has done everything but what I want and we haven’t even gotten going good. They say, “we will work around your schedule”, then give the days they are available. Clearly that is gas lighting. They say, “you are the only artist we are working with this year and what ever you need we are solely focused on you”, NOT! Then find out later that the team have their own businesses therefore it is impossible for my brand to be the only project. This is a mess, I tell you. An absolute mess. One of their team members was insubordinate and we then get a correspondence that sings the member’s praises and then chastises us for not wanting them on the project. See. People, people we need to be humble and grateful when blessed with business. There are so many other places we can spend this high 5 figure budget they requested to promote the brand. What happened to the customer’s always right? Where did customer service go? What happened to using your manners and having good intentions towards others!

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So Yuh Wanna Know How To Create Songs

Greetins everyone!

Apologizes I have been away so long. I have been very busy promoting, COVID, scheduling and extremely bad dates! I really am not proud of the bad dates but we will discuss that another time. We all get a little distracted sometimes and I am no exception.

Now! I am constantly asked: how long have I been writing songs, if  I go to school for the craft, what inspires the lyrics selected, are they real lyfe experiences, how to write a song?  To answer all those questions I will seh this, I have neva gone to school to learn song writing. So, I will share a few tips that have helped mi create my music.

  1.  I GET INTO THE BEAT: meaning that I vibe wiith the beat that I hear on a track, or the melody that’s in my head. Although, I am a freestyle type of songwriter. I still need to feel the melody.
  2.  CONCEPTS ARE IMPORTANT TOO: honestly there are a various amounts of circumstances that lead up to the lyrics I use. I feel that they are no such as bad lyrics, but some are not as expressive as others. My moto is to seh wha yuh feelThere are times I write from a version of an experience that have either witnessed, heard of, or experienced.
  3.  MUSIC SCHOOL IS NEVER BAD: alot of us have these massive egos and feel if yuh are not born with a talent, that it can’t be learned and be just as effective or better than the ones who are said to be “natures”. I encourage education to any all those who are interested in songwriting and learning the music business.
  4.  LEARN TO COUNT THE BARS: every song has a double count of every two lines which creates a bar. These counts depend on the tempo of the melody. Some musicians lyk mi pick my favorite instrument and count from its tempo. This is when a metronome comes in handy. Found at mostly all music stores.
  5.  SUCA’S FAVORITE MUSIC ADVICE: not everyone in yuhr immediate circle will like all yuhr lyrics. Neva let them discourage yuh from yuhr dreams. There is a big world out there and lots of new opportunities to gain fans. Continue to practice, and take yuhr time with yuhr creations. They are yuhr babies needing to be born. Lyk a pregnancy, growth takes time. I send yuh out now with mi blessins! If no one else believe in yuhr dream, “SUCA, THE VEILED PRINCESS” DOES!! GO CREATE AND BE HAPPY!

“Well wishes ta yuhr Continued Success! Have a Happy Day!”

Love yuh all bunches,

Suca The Veiled Princess

The Music In Me I Had To Write

Greetins Everyone!

Apologies I have been so long. There has been lots going. Deadlines that have been pulling my attention. Being one person it sometimes gets “cra cra” trying to do everything all at once. I want to be the only one writing my blogs so now I am here and all yours! YAY!

So many times I have been asked how and why did I begin to write the music I am known for now. First! I began to make up songs off the top of my head when I was all alone playing with my Barbie dolls in my room which was a Barbie paradise. I would pretend to be the voice of her as she would perform for all my teddy bears and other dolls in my room. Being an only child, the imagination is very comforting when there is no one around to play with. That later developed into me writing short verses in my coloring books over the characters.  After that I  would sing to my brush, the broom, or anything I could fine that looked close to a mircophone or stand. “Mi hav always had wild tings dance inna mi head.” Translation I have always seen ways to make things more beautiful by using songs to enhance the beauty around me. I love melodies and how it sounds in comparsion to the birds singing and the wind blowing. To me everything has a rhythm, a melody, a song.  As I became a teenager my writing became noticed by teachers and instructors. I have always been a little advanced for my age then and now. I began ghost writing as a teen. Then I took it more serious and began to write for myself and push forward in a music career.

Let’s be clear my true love is the words that come out of me. I have always wanted to be known for the impact my words have on others. I have also used the music in my times of being angry, my confusion, heartache and sadness. When I lost my parents it was the only thing that felt normal anymore. When I would sing, it brought me back to hearing my mother play our piano, choir rehearsal and sunday morning services with her. The music made me feel her again and soothed whatever was upsetting me at the time. They say music calms the beast. Everyone has a different beast inside them my was to be closer to her.

Now as an adult. It seems I am using it more to get past a bad judgement call of letting a clown have a piece of my heart. I just don’t understand why people make the game of love so difficult! I mean, why is everyone so fake with how they really feel. I come from a culture when love hits you it is a beautiful, fun and exciting thing you should go for. But everyone is so stubborn and mean on purpose these days. They enjoy hurting others because they are hurt. I refuse to go low so I go high and write or sing a song about it. Most of the time it’s off the top of my head. Don’t worry I am not bitter. I am definitely a hopeless romantic. I will never give up on love, being in love, or humanity. I believe one day this resistance to love will turn around. Until then, my writing will continue to reflect how I am feeling at the time. Just know I plan to write for a season, a reason, and a lifetime.

“Well Wishes to yuhr Continued Success! Have a Happy Day!”

Love Suca xoxo

How the “Lost In A Maze” Brand was Born

Greetins all!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have some “calorie guilt”, but the holiday was still amazing! It is always wonderful being with family and friends.

Lets jump right into it. I have been asked how the concept of the book began. Well first, the title “Lost In A Maze”, gave birth a few years back when I wrote the song, “Lost In A Maze”. The song was written and performed by me. The song was doing so well and was charting in Jamaica. I took it a step further and created a music video that went viral in 6 months. Its views were over 1.8 million. As before mentioned I am a recording artist and songwriter. The song was written after the break up of with a FOOL I thougth was my future husband. HA! FUNNY! He was in an ongoing relationship with the mother of his child. Men can be so selfish and greedy. I was totally in love with this clown, too! Until one day I decided to reach out to the child’s mother and she then gave a entire police printout of his activity with her and their beautiful little girl. I was in love with the that little girl, also! I could not wait to spend time with her more than him. To be honest, when I look back, I was more excited about being a mother to her than a wife! But anyway, when I found out what a lying piece of yuh know wha him was. Instead of planning his death. I fell on my knees in tears, asked God why does this keep happening. Began cursing in patois at the situation and recognized how lost I felt. I realized that this person had no soul or conscience and punishing myself by weeping and moaning did nothing for my broken heart. So I let my anger turn to fuel and began to sing the lyrics. It’s funny. I always use the vocal recorder and just sing freestyle and listen back to what I was blindly singing and become amazed. Then I realize, this is why it keeps happening. Because, through my pain is always a purpose. My purpose, my calling, my gift.

Even though, I wrote the song. I still wanted a type of revenge. The song was good but I needed something more. Another platform to vent and get out my inner frustrations. Express my disappointment in men and just humanity period. To be totally honest, I needed a way to channel all the unpleasant thoughts of doing bodily harm to this man. So I decided to write a book about a young naive Caribbean/W. African girl who trusts the wrong man. But in this book she would be able to do all the things I could not. I mean, I guess I could only if I wanted to enjoy a long vacation at a concrete Ummmm no thanks!

So People! The next time life deals yuh a bad hand turn things around in a positive way. It not about the fall it’s how yuh get up from it! Hope everyone is still enjoying the book and spreading the word about yuhr new author, SUCA!




Meet Sabrina the Main Character

Greetings frenz!

I would like to introduce you to the main character, Sabrina. She is the entire purpose of the book. She is my alter ego. She is from Jamaica. Her father is Jamaican and her mother is Senegalese. Now young Sabrina is just that young and naive. She comes to America as a teenager and is pure and unaware of all the tempations that will be coming her way. I remember when I was a young and innocent teenager. I thought I had a handle on life until a life changing moment ended that confidence for me just as it did her. This is one of the areas that both Sabrina and I have in common. Her only focus then was working, learning English and furthering her education in a new country. Did I mention how gorgeous she is? Well she is beyond beautiful. But doesn’t know it. She is a humble little girl still trying to find her way so her looks are the last thing she is concerned with. Unlike those who meet and see her for the first time. Her beauty becomes a hot topic among those who live on the compound where she works. Her guardian does her best to try and keep the suitors away but it becomes almost impossible when the boss’s sons see her.

So who out there knows a, “Sabrina”? To beautiful for their own good. So beautiful that it gets them into unwanted situations. Let’s talk about.  Send me some feedback. Super excited to here from you.

Chat with you soon,


Welcome to My Blogging World

Greetings!  My name is Suca aka The Veiled Princess, author of Lost in a Maze: Volume I. I am also a recording artist. Super excited to share this book with all of you. I am Jamaican/W. African. So excuse me if at times I begin to type in my native tongue of patois.  I want to be comfortable to be myself here and I encourage you to do the same. Meaning we can be relaxed and keep things real and honest between us. I want this to be a place where we can let our hair down together and feel comfortable addressing the hard questions we sometimes don’t want to deal with.

I’ll be using this blog to stay connected with you about Lost in a Maze: Volume I, and introducing you to my single and video “Lost In A Maze”. But first I will be discussing and blogging on some of the ideas related to my book. This is a wonderful place for you to get to know the real me, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you, too. I vent and ask for opinions alot and I what you to do the same. So we can both grow and learn together without judgement!

I have a few quick questions for you untill next time I post. What did you think of Lost in a Maze: Volume I? Do you have any questions for me? How do you relate to my book or any of the characters?

I’ll be returning here frequently with new posts and responses to feedback from you. Until next time, tell me a little bit about yourself. I enjoy meeting new people. Also, I will leave a link below to watch the music video of the single, “Lost In A Maze” on YouTube it has 1.8 million views! My hope is that you enjoy the single which is the inspiration for the book.

“Well wishes ta yuhr Continued Success! Have a Happy Day!” Love Suca