Respect, Positive Attitude and Good Moral Judgement in the Name of the Game


How has everyone been doing since last checked in? I hope well! Apologies for being away so long. Just want to say have been extremely busy and working hard on promoting the “Lost In A Maze” brand.  Have had lots of successes and some serious bumps in the road as well! This journey comes with so many different angles. Meeting people who swear, “dem mi tru idren”, meaning they are a trusted friend. I am finding that not to be the case at all. In this business personality and honesty will get yuh far! Now don’t get me wrong, having knowledge is very important as well, but it so much easier to get work with others who show positive workmanship. Not trying to mislead yuh, business relations and personal relationships are very different. Many don’t know how to separate the two.

Example I have been in negotiations with this company to help market and promote my brand further than the last. At first things seem to be moving in a wonderfully positive direction. Now, not so much. Am encountering some bumps ad bruises. “Tings” that were offered in the beginning are not available. The energy has shifted and people’s horns are beginning to show. I keep hearing statements like: “you need to understand” and this one is particularly scary, “we have a way of doing things”, serious read flag. What in the $%@! does that mean! Sounds like when you marry someone and they give all their best in the beginning. Once married no longer putting forth the effort of keeping the sparkle alive and romance hot. Having that, “well we married now” attitude. Have you looking at your spouse crazy and feeling set up and lied to. Feelings of betrayal and resentment take over. “Man if I knew this I would of never married you”, statements are hurled around and threats of a quick and immediate divorce. It’s like you have hustled, deceived, played for a fool. Your spouse knew just what to do to get you. Knew how to play you to get what they wanted. Not caring about what you both want.

Well that is how yuhr gurl, Suca is feeling right now. And I am pissed all the way OFF! “BUMBACLAT MAD YAH HEAR!”  “One ting mi nuh lykkie”, is when people play games and deceive me. What is so wrong with being honest and upfront from the beginning, huh? This new world of bad is good and good is bad feels so demonic. Like a straight setup from Lucifer himself! My parents taught me that being honest, trustworthy and being respectful is the best way to live. Finding out that everyone didn’t have the luxury of being raised with honest and morally conscience parents. This company has done everything but what I want and we haven’t even gotten going good. They say, “we will work around your schedule”, then give the days they are available. Clearly that is gas lighting. They say, “you are the only artist we are working with this year and what ever you need we are solely focused on you”, NOT! Then find out later that the team have their own businesses therefore it is impossible for my brand to be the only project. This is a mess, I tell you. An absolute mess. One of their team members was insubordinate and we then get a correspondence that sings the member’s praises and then chastises us for not wanting them on the project. See. People, people we need to be humble and grateful when blessed with business. There are so many other places we can spend this high 5 figure budget they requested to promote the brand. What happened to the customer’s always right? Where did customer service go? What happened to using your manners and having good intentions towards others!

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