Meet Sabrina the Main Character

Greetings frenz!

I would like to introduce you to the main character, Sabrina. She is the entire purpose of the book. She is my alter ego. She is from Jamaica. Her father is Jamaican and her mother is Senegalese. Now young Sabrina is just that young and naive. She comes to America as a teenager and is pure and unaware of all the tempations that will be coming her way. I remember when I was a young and innocent teenager. I thought I had a handle on life until a life changing moment ended that confidence for me just as it did her. This is one of the areas that both Sabrina and I have in common. Her only focus then was working, learning English and furthering her education in a new country. Did I mention how gorgeous she is? Well she is beyond beautiful. But doesn’t know it. She is a humble little girl still trying to find her way so her looks are the last thing she is concerned with. Unlike those who meet and see her for the first time. Her beauty becomes a hot topic among those who live on the compound where she works. Her guardian does her best to try and keep the suitors away but it becomes almost impossible when the boss’s sons see her.

So who out there knows a, “Sabrina”? To beautiful for their own good. So beautiful that it gets them into unwanted situations. Let’s talk about.  Send me some feedback. Super excited to here from you.

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