Now, You Want Me To Do What?!

Greetins my loves!

Again I have been away and working extremely hard on networking and promoting the “Lost In A Maze” brand. I feel awful that its taking me this long to get back in touch with all my supporters! Truly appreciate all of you.

Let’s get to it. This world is going crazy! Never seen suh much hatred and anger in the universe. Those in power are very deceitful and opportunistic. Seems good is bad and bad is good. It has me all confused! For those of yuh who are jys reading my blog. I sometimes type in my native language of patois. Please forgive if I go too fast and use both English and patois. Simply have to get this off my chest. Here is where I feel safe to let my true feelings out.

Let’s get to it. I jys want to become a huge success. By hard work and dedication to my craft. What I’m tired of is, everybody coming at me side ways wanting me to do ungodly tings jys to get ahead! That’s crazy to me how many doors are closed because my legs remain closed. Terrible! I refuse to be a “casting couch” artist! NO ma’am! NO sir! NO thanks! NO WAY! YUKE! To each his own, not here to judge those who have and are taking this route but not me. I have a bit of an ego. Plus I have spent a lot of my own money funding my project. That’s my blood, sweat, and night after night of tears shed. I want to know was offered a deal because of my creativity. Not the swaying of my hips. I hear it all the time, “you so beautiful, you should of married a rich billionaire.” Or the famous, “if I look like you I would of been  in Hollywood and famous by now!” Ridiculous. What everyone fails to realize. That’s not a guarantee of success either, and it’s exhausting. Not mention a gamble. Might as well take this path to success it maybe a little longer, a lot harder, but at least am not being mentally, emotionally, or physically abused. To maybe get an O.K. opportunity. Or an opportunity that comes with eternal strings attached. Not gonna lie, my moods change up. So I would get dropped from a deal like I did before from a huge company. “I kno yuh wan kno but mi mus nuh chat up bout.”

Been meeting some amazing connects. Going to amazing and beautiful locations. Hearing all that am wanting to hear to move my brand forward. But then someone will seh something crazy. Then I am stuck with my game face tore up asking, “you want me to do what?!” And just like that my spirit is irritated. I swear I can see the devil staring back at me. Then it’s back to my networking files to promote to what I pray is a morally conscience new connect,

For my new readers. “Lost In A Maze” is a single, video, book, and now screenplay. YAYYYY! The screenplay is finally done. Supa excited and proud to have come this far. But I have a long way to go still. Although, I am being played in over 70 countries. There are some many more that I have not been graced with their presence. Nor giving their much needed and welcomed support!

Listen I said all of that to say. We are all human. With similar woes, disappointments, sorrows, triumphs and success! Just know if no one told you today, you are worthy of love, success, respect, and honor! Be back soon!

Love yuh bunches, 

Suca, The Veiled Princess


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