So Yuh Wanna Know How To Create Songs

Greetins everyone!

Apologizes I have been away so long. I have been very busy promoting, COVID, scheduling and extremely bad dates! I really am not proud of the bad dates but we will discuss that another time. We all get a little distracted sometimes and I am no exception.

Now! I am constantly asked: how long have I been writing songs, if  I go to school for the craft, what inspires the lyrics selected, are they real lyfe experiences, how to write a song?  To answer all those questions I will seh this, I have neva gone to school to learn song writing. So, I will share a few tips that have helped mi create my music.

  1.  I GET INTO THE BEAT: meaning that I vibe wiith the beat that I hear on a track, or the melody that’s in my head. Although, I am a freestyle type of songwriter. I still need to feel the melody.
  2.  CONCEPTS ARE IMPORTANT TOO: honestly there are a various amounts of circumstances that lead up to the lyrics I use. I feel that they are no such as bad lyrics, but some are not as expressive as others. My moto is to seh wha yuh feelThere are times I write from a version of an experience that have either witnessed, heard of, or experienced.
  3.  MUSIC SCHOOL IS NEVER BAD: alot of us have these massive egos and feel if yuh are not born with a talent, that it can’t be learned and be just as effective or better than the ones who are said to be “natures”. I encourage education to any all those who are interested in songwriting and learning the music business.
  4.  LEARN TO COUNT THE BARS: every song has a double count of every two lines which creates a bar. These counts depend on the tempo of the melody. Some musicians lyk mi pick my favorite instrument and count from its tempo. This is when a metronome comes in handy. Found at mostly all music stores.
  5.  SUCA’S FAVORITE MUSIC ADVICE: not everyone in yuhr immediate circle will like all yuhr lyrics. Neva let them discourage yuh from yuhr dreams. There is a big world out there and lots of new opportunities to gain fans. Continue to practice, and take yuhr time with yuhr creations. They are yuhr babies needing to be born. Lyk a pregnancy, growth takes time. I send yuh out now with mi blessins! If no one else believe in yuhr dream, “SUCA, THE VEILED PRINCESS” DOES!! GO CREATE AND BE HAPPY!

“Well wishes ta yuhr Continued Success! Have a Happy Day!”

Love yuh all bunches,

Suca The Veiled Princess

One Comment on “So Yuh Wanna Know How To Create Songs

  1. I let the beat carry me. It seems to talk to me. My emotions are my fuel. Music is my life.

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