How the “Lost In A Maze” Brand was Born

Greetins all!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have some “calorie guilt”, but the holiday was still amazing! It is always wonderful being with family and friends.

Lets jump right into it. I have been asked how the concept of the book began. Well first, the title “Lost In A Maze”, gave birth a few years back when I wrote the song, “Lost In A Maze”. The song was written and performed by me. The song was doing so well and was charting in Jamaica. I took it a step further and created a music video that went viral in 6 months. Its views were over 1.8 million. As before mentioned I am a recording artist and songwriter. The song was written after the break up of with a FOOL I thougth was my future husband. HA! FUNNY! He was in an ongoing relationship with the mother of his child. Men can be so selfish and greedy. I was totally in love with this clown, too! Until one day I decided to reach out to the child’s mother and she then gave a entire police printout of his activity with her and their beautiful little girl. I was in love with the that little girl, also! I could not wait to spend time with her more than him. To be honest, when I look back, I was more excited about being a mother to her than a wife! But anyway, when I found out what a lying piece of yuh know wha him was. Instead of planning his death. I fell on my knees in tears, asked God why does this keep happening. Began cursing in patois at the situation and recognized how lost I felt. I realized that this person had no soul or conscience and punishing myself by weeping and moaning did nothing for my broken heart. So I let my anger turn to fuel and began to sing the lyrics. It’s funny. I always use the vocal recorder and just sing freestyle and listen back to what I was blindly singing and become amazed. Then I realize, this is why it keeps happening. Because, through my pain is always a purpose. My purpose, my calling, my gift.

Even though, I wrote the song. I still wanted a type of revenge. The song was good but I needed something more. Another platform to vent and get out my inner frustrations. Express my disappointment in men and just humanity period. To be totally honest, I needed a way to channel all the unpleasant thoughts of doing bodily harm to this man. So I decided to write a book about a young naive Caribbean/W. African girl who trusts the wrong man. But in this book she would be able to do all the things I could not. I mean, I guess I could only if I wanted to enjoy a long vacation at a concrete Ummmm no thanks!

So People! The next time life deals yuh a bad hand turn things around in a positive way. It not about the fall it’s how yuh get up from it! Hope everyone is still enjoying the book and spreading the word about yuhr new author, SUCA!




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