The Music In Me I Had To Write

Greetins Everyone!

Apologies I have been so long. There has been lots going. Deadlines that have been pulling my attention. Being one person it sometimes gets “cra cra” trying to do everything all at once. I want to be the only one writing my blogs so now I am here and all yours! YAY!

So many times I have been asked how and why did I begin to write the music I am known for now. First! I began to make up songs off the top of my head when I was all alone playing with my Barbie dolls in my room which was a Barbie paradise. I would pretend to be the voice of her as she would perform for all my teddy bears and other dolls in my room. Being an only child, the imagination is very comforting when there is no one around to play with. That later developed into me writing short verses in my coloring books over the characters.  After that I  would sing to my brush, the broom, or anything I could fine that looked close to a mircophone or stand. “Mi hav always had wild tings dance inna mi head.” Translation I have always seen ways to make things more beautiful by using songs to enhance the beauty around me. I love melodies and how it sounds in comparsion to the birds singing and the wind blowing. To me everything has a rhythm, a melody, a song.  As I became a teenager my writing became noticed by teachers and instructors. I have always been a little advanced for my age then and now. I began ghost writing as a teen. Then I took it more serious and began to write for myself and push forward in a music career.

Let’s be clear my true love is the words that come out of me. I have always wanted to be known for the impact my words have on others. I have also used the music in my times of being angry, my confusion, heartache and sadness. When I lost my parents it was the only thing that felt normal anymore. When I would sing, it brought me back to hearing my mother play our piano, choir rehearsal and sunday morning services with her. The music made me feel her again and soothed whatever was upsetting me at the time. They say music calms the beast. Everyone has a different beast inside them my was to be closer to her.

Now as an adult. It seems I am using it more to get past a bad judgement call of letting a clown have a piece of my heart. I just don’t understand why people make the game of love so difficult! I mean, why is everyone so fake with how they really feel. I come from a culture when love hits you it is a beautiful, fun and exciting thing you should go for. But everyone is so stubborn and mean on purpose these days. They enjoy hurting others because they are hurt. I refuse to go low so I go high and write or sing a song about it. Most of the time it’s off the top of my head. Don’t worry I am not bitter. I am definitely a hopeless romantic. I will never give up on love, being in love, or humanity. I believe one day this resistance to love will turn around. Until then, my writing will continue to reflect how I am feeling at the time. Just know I plan to write for a season, a reason, and a lifetime.

“Well Wishes to yuhr Continued Success! Have a Happy Day!”

Love Suca xoxo

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